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Michael G Williams Michael G. Williams has published books in the areas of fiction novels and children’s stories. His first novel, “An Extension of Time to Die For” was published in 2004. He also published “Eager Beaver” in 2012 and “The Odulawak” in 2013. His latest novel, “Black Widow” was published January 2014. His goal and dream is to share his love for creativity. He continues to pursue educational endeavors by working to complete his Educational Doctoral degree in Curriculum Theory. While pursuing his Master’s, he worked as a Radio Disc Jockey and continued writing fictional works in the form of short stories, poems, and songs. He was also involved in the Theater and worked in the music industry. He has been an acting instructor, worked on independent films, and performed in gospel videos. He has worked as a Correctional Officer, a Law Enforcement Officer, and an Educator for grades K-12. Likened to a ‘Jack of all trades’, Michael constructs fantastic tales of fiction for pure enjoyment.

. poetry . theater . fiction . music . truth from the inner soul .........